Curtis Corlew is a designer photographer photojournalist and a teacher at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg.

Curtis Corlew in Bicycle Land
I've fallen in love with my bicycle again. So much that I'm blogging about my bike commute, weight loss and journey to purchasing a new bike. Read about it, and see the photos at

LMC Unauthorized
Curtis Corlew's somewhat-weekly podcast about the goings on at Los Medanos Community College.
Completely unauthorized by the college, district or any faculty or student organization. Listen on the linked page, or better yet, subscribe so you never miss it!

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Flash-based portfolio.
Photographs, page design, posters.
A music video, and a Flash musical instrument. Opens in a new window. Flash plugin required.

I just love tennis, and here's the video to prove it.
Or you can follow my USTA matches on the USTA Norcal site, though I don't know why you would.

Bonus fun
I actually left the great state of California long enough to visit New York just to see The Gates. There were amazing. I took a few photographs.

I've been tryng Flickr.
Check out the photos my LMC Photo class uploaded to our Flickr group
Or look at a few of my photos.

Flash required    Quicktime required

Background: San Francisco MOMA

CSU Hayward Multimedia Graduate Program projects
Antioch: I have an American Dream video. Quicktime required.

Norbert Weiner, A video created with Seamus Byrne about the famed math genius. Quicktime required.

So you want to be a Rock Star. A music tutorial demo created with Sarah Mattern for an educational theories class at CSU Hayward. Flash plugin required.

Games: The Magic Circle A multimedia presentation on games created for a graduate class CSU Hayward. Flash plugin required. High speed connection a really good idea.

Audio For my audio class, a six minute podcast. This links to the page with direct link to the MP3. It's like a short radio show.

Music, or at least music-like sounds I created for several multimedia presentations.

My fellow students in the CSUEB Multimedia Masters graduate program are working on their thesis projects. Sarah Mattern and Seamus Byrne are creating The Organic City. It's very cool.

Stephen Barker and Song Speckels are working on Apollo Beyond.