Curtis Corlew is a designer photographer photojournalist and a teacher at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg.

Thanks Comcast, for deleting all my files then saying you told me you were going to when you never did. That's why there isn't much to see here. Enjoy my blog at least. Yes, I am bitter.

Curtis Corlew in Bicycle Land
I've fallen in love with my bicycle again. So much that I'm blogging about my bike commute, weight loss and journey to purchasing a new bike. Read about it, and see the photos at

Curtis Corlew on Flickr,
Mostly bicycle related photos, but a touch of art projects as well.

Curtis Corlew on Instagram,
Of course I have an Instagram account. No theme, just fun.

How to do stuff
Videos on how to do things you need to do in my Photoshop class

Background: San Francisco MOMA, how it used to look.